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Kid Gets Hit In The Head With Field Goal: Video

One of my favorite YouTube videos is of a buzzer beater attempt at a school basketball game that nails a kid in the head. This video of a high school football game field goal attempt is very similar and just as entertaining…

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Grown Man Punches 13-year-old During Fight At Youth Soccer Match

efrain-floresThere’s nothing like a good weekend of sitting outside, watching some soccer, and punching some children. Wait, no, scratch that part, no matter what Efrain Flores says.

The 20-year-old Flores is sitting in Ventura County Jail on suspicion of child endangerment and abuse, as well as disturbing the peace with bail set at $25,000 after he fought a child…

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Brawl Between Boca Juniors and River Plate’s U-14 Teams: Video

Boca Juniors and River Plate are heated rivals in Argentina, so it’s only natural that one of their matches might feature a brawl. What makes this particular fight noteworthy is that it occurred between their U-14 teams.

Late in the match, River Plate was awarded a penalty as Boca had a player sent…

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Girl Gets Nailed In The Face With Soccer Ball: Video

Coaches tell players to get in front of a shot to block it. That’s exactly what this poor girl did during a soccer game. Unfortunately for her, she blocked it with her face.

As if taking a ball to the face wasn’t bad enough, her block went right back to the attacker, who…

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This Coach Should Leave The Soccer Playing To The Kids: Video

The first part of this video must be something that is repeated in youth soccer leagues all across the country on weekends. What sets it apart is what happens next.

An extra ball from another field got loose on the pitch during this kids game, and one of the coaches went to go…

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