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Japanese Soccer Team Takes On 100 Kids [Video]

Sure, one hundred kids taking on a team of Japanese professional soccer players seems a bit crazy, but is it any worse than Bob Bradley’s strategy of zero defenders taking on a team of Spanish professional soccer players?

Japanese Soccer Team Versus 100 Kids [reddit]…

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Cranky Neighbor Keeps Football, Bites Parent’s Lips

bite-meAnother hour, another case of grown-ups setting a positive example for the kids.

While some teenagers were tossing around a football in the street in in Clinton Township, Michigan, near Detroit, the ball landed on Daniel Allen’s lawn. Instead of being happy that children were outside engaging in physical activity and not sitting on their fat asses, the 44-year-old…

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Dad Brings Son To Pop Warner Practice Late, Ends Up Getting Beat Up By The Coach


The world of youth sports is once again showing us the sort of sportsmanship that kids are learning these days.

Michael VonKahle was 10 minutes late bringing his 12-year-old son, Tyler, to his Pop Warner practice in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Coach William Reynolds made the boy start to run laps, but his father stepped in, saying that the…

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Horny, Bloodthirsty Deer Attacks Football-Playing Boy

deer-attackIt’s the time of year where kids go outside into backyards and play football (when they aren’t playing video games). Unfortunately for 7-year-old Brandon Hiles of Wintersville, Ohio, it’s also mating season for deer, and his backyard football game with a friend interfered with the plans of a couple of young bucks.

After their encounter, Brandon said, “We were…

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Fat Referee Takes Soccer Ball To The Groin: Video

Someone getting hit in the groin = funny. A referee who resembles √úter getting hit in the groin = hilarious.

Not only did the kid stagger around for a full 17 seconds, the laughter of the entire crowd (not to mention the kids on the field) can clearly be heard as he crumbled…

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