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Cubs Fan Throws Beer On Shane Victorino, Security Ejects The Wrong Man: Video

Imagine you’re at a Cubs game and you managed to snag front row bleacher seats. You’ve got a perfect view of the game and close access to the outfielders for heckling purposes. If you’re one guy in this video, you’re the asshole who threw a beer at Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino as he…

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Milton Bradley Forgets How Many Outs There Are, Tosses Ball Into The Stands: Video

Among the many mistakes a baseball player can make, forgetting how many outs there are is probably the worst. Sure, it can be confusing to count to three, but there’s no excuse for not paying attention.

In a career that has been filled with mistakes, Milton Bradley found a way to look even…

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Daily Rubbish: June 12, 2009

Video of the Day: Drunk Danny Devito And It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Today’s Links:

Nats Crowd Shot TV Fail [We’re Off To See The Willards]

Nationals Television Fail [D.C. Sports Bog]

Another Sausage Race Disaster…

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Conan O’Brien Runs Across Wrigley Field: Video

Conan O’Brien took over hosting duties on The Tonight Show last night and didn’t disappoint. While there was nothing as outrageous as the Masturbating Bear, he still managed to be wacky and funny. It remains to be seen where his show goes in the long run and whether or not the Leno audience stays, but for one…

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Mr. T Sings Take Me Out To The Ball Game At Wrigley Field: Video

Mr. T spent yesterday at Wrigley Field, getting to throw out the first pitch before the Cubs/Pirates game, while later “singing” “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”

T wore some very patriotic pants to the game, but what else would you wear on Memorial Day? His ceremonial first pitch wasn’t all that…

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