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New England Patriots Staff Found Vacationing in China

The day before their Women’s World Cup match against China, the Danish team was about to hold a strategy meeting in their hotel’s conference room when they noticed something was amiss.

Team officials found “two men with video cameras sitting behind a two-way mirror in the hotel conference room where the team was about to hold a strategy meeting.”

The Danish lost 3-2, and afterward, they did not…

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Video: Dwight Schrute Will Bring You the Women’s World Cup Whether You Like it or Not

Possibly even more obscure than the Rugby World Cup, the Women’s World Cup (Soccer) is under way.

At 4:55am Eastern on ESPN2, a time when only insomniacs and those mourning yet another heartbreaking Arizona Cardinals loss will be awake, the U.S. Women’s National Team will be taking on North Korea. Hey, if we can’t…

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