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Girls high school soccer brawl in Rhode Island: Video

This weekend’s Rhode Island girls soccer championship game between the Woonsocket Villa Novans and the Tolman Tigers would have made Elizabeth Lambert proud.

With Woonsocket up 5-0 in the final minute, tempers flared. Woonsocket’s Kristen Cahill and Tolman’s Maria Lopera realized they had just one more minute left to try to earn a…

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BYU vs. New Mexico women’s soccer: Cheap shots, violence, fighting, and hair pulling

When I first heard that there had been a fight between the women’s soccer teams from BYU and New Mexico, I assumed that my fellow sports bloggers were just blowing a minor skirmish out of proportion just because they were happy to see a “catfight.” I was wrong. This wasn’t soccer, it was war…

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Brawl During Russian Women’s Handball Championship: Video

A harsh hit in the Russian Women’s Handball Championship between Dynamo Volgograd and Zvezda (who has been pitching very well for the Arizona Diamondbacks) led to an ejection, which in turn led to a massive brawl.

Okay, brawl might be a bit strong of a word, but there was definitely a lot of…

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