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Bull takes down streaker at Running of the Bulls (video)

There are plenty of normal activities that suddenly become a lot more dangerous when you do them naked, such as cooking, ironing, and carpentry.

But what happens when you combine an already-dangerous activity like running around with bulls with nudity? Well, just watch the genius above.

The best thing about streaking and getting taken down by a bull is that your ability to reproduce is lost…

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French cycling race interrupted by cow crash (Video)

The epidemic of crashes in races in France today continued during cycling’s Critérium du Dauphiné, a warm-up to the Tour de France.

Competitors had a major beef as a herd of cows brie-fly joined the race, failing to mooove out of the way as the bikes tried to get past. Several riders were chucked to the ground in the attempt to out-flank them.


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Horny, Bloodthirsty Deer Attacks Football-Playing Boy

deer-attackIt’s the time of year where kids go outside into backyards and play football (when they aren’t playing video games). Unfortunately for 7-year-old Brandon Hiles of Wintersville, Ohio, it’s also mating season for deer, and his backyard football game with a friend interfered with the plans of a couple of young bucks.

After their encounter, Brandon said, “We were…

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Golfer Gets Arm Eaten By Alligator

gator-golfIf I ever went golfing in an area where alligators were present, you can be certain that I would be looking around constantly to see if there was a gator about to eat me. It wouldn’t matter if I was near a water hazard or at the bar, I’ve got my head on a swivel.

But some souls are…

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Comcast Reporter Lisa Hillary Sees A Rat While On Camera, Starts Screaming: Video

Living in DC, you’d think Comcast Sportsnet reporter Lisa Hillary would be used to seeing rats everywhere. Judging by her reaction to seeing one of the four-legged variety, apparently not.

Hillary was broadcasting from the Verizon Center after a game between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins when a rat ran right past…

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