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Erik Estrada Has Seen His Share Of Child Pornography

Erik Estrada was at Wrigley Field tonight for the game between the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves. Following his botched rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” of which there is no video as of yet, he then gave a long, rambling interview that filled the bottom of the 7th.

After talking…

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WGN Reporter Dunks On Child, Makes Him Cry: Video

WGN sports reporter Pat Tomasulo feels like “the lowest person on the planet,” and he should. He dunked on a little child, then taunted him.

His taunting was in jest, but a kid is never going to understand that. After Tomasulo threw the ball down and yelled at the child, the little boy then ran away to hide.

Even when Tomasulo realized that he was being…

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Jim McMahon Is A Bedroom MVP: Video

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon will apparently do anything for money. Either that, or he really is just that passionate about erectile dysfunction & wants everyone to know about The Bedroom MVP, which “enhances…

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