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West Ham Player Calum Davenport Stabbed

calumdavenportWest Ham’s Calum Davenport was the victim of a vicious stabbing attack over the weekend that has left his career in jeopardy.

The stabbing appears to have stemmed from a family squabble involving his pregnant sister’s boyfriend.

Davenport allegedly criticized some of the people his sister was hanging out with. They returned later, stabbing both him and his…

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Daily Rubbish: Where Punching A Horse Happens

Mad that your team lost? Why not punch a horse?

If only these batter entrance songs were real. My contribution: Belle & Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher for the retired Mike Piazza.

Take a trip back in time with the top 10 basketball sneakers of all time.

Where has all the money gone? Where have all the fans gone?…

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Video: Stoke’s Ricardo Fuller Slaps Stoke Captain Andy Griffin

Over in England, Stoke players seem to be getting along about as well as the Dallas Cowboys do.

Following a goal by West Ham, Stoke player Ricardo Fuller decided he was going to have a word with Andy Griffin, the man who had conceded the goal.

Fuller then proceeded to slap Griffin, who is the Stoke…

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West Ham United and Columbus Crew Fans Riot During Friendly

Videos from yesterday’s fight between West Ham United and Columbus Crew fans have finally made their way to Youtube. In the first video, a West Ham fan gets put into a chokehold by a security guard as other fans push and yell around them. Cool.

Below, fans fight in the stands…

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West Ham United and Columbus Crew Fans Riot During Friendly

It turns out that the Danica Patrick-Milka Duno fight was just the undercard on this weekend’s Ohio brawl calendar. West Ham United visited the Columbus Crew in what can be billed as a classic unfriendly friendly.

During halftime of the match, West Ham & Columbus fans fought in the stands after several West…

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