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Washington Nationals Can’t Get Tarp On The Field, Fans Have To Come Help: Video

The motto for the 2009 Washington Nationals is definitely “FAIL.”

The ineptitude of the Nats continued last night, as the grounds crew at Nationals Park was unable to get the tarp on the field during a rain delay against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The crew spent a good 5 minutes or so trying…

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Lightning Strike Injures 26 Soccer Players In Germany, Temporarily Killing One

A freak storm sent lightning crashing down on the field where teenagers were warming up for a soccer match in Ingoldingen, Germany over the weekend.

A total of 26 players were injured in the lightning strike, including 3 who were seriously hurt. One kid, 17-year-old Rolf Baader, actually died on the pitch, but paramedics managed to bring him…

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Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Collapse: Video

Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys’ inflatable practice facility collapsed in a storm while the Cowboys were holding their rookie camp. Strong winds and heavy rain battered the plastic bubble, bringing it down. The video shows just how quickly it collapsed.

The Cowboys player who took off his helmet as the building was collapsing is…

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Norwegian Ski Resort Ad Features Real-Time Snowstorm: Video


In an economy where entertainment venues and sports facilities are fighting for a smaller pool of money, a good advertising idea is crucial.

The Tryvann Winter Park ski resort just outside Oslo, Norway has come up with a brilliant idea to promote their skiing.

Tryvann is located just 15 minutes outside Oslo, but being in the…

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Video: Bus Crash Involving Albany River Rats AHL Hockey Team

Following a game against the Lowell Devils, the AHL’s Albany River Rats were suddenly woken up. On a snowy and icy night, their bus had gone out of control on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Becket, skidding off the road and into a guardrail.

Everyone on the bus was taken to the hospital, and a…

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