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Daniel Carcillo “Fights” Matt Bradley: Video

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the shortest fight in NHL history.

Daniel Carcillo of the Philadelphia Flyers managed to K.O. the Caps’ Matt Bradley with one punch following a cross-check. Bradley did drop his gloves, but Carcillo punched him about 2 milliseconds later and down he went.

The referees took pity on Bradley…

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Comcast Reporter Lisa Hillary Sees A Rat While On Camera, Starts Screaming: Video

Living in DC, you’d think Comcast Sportsnet reporter Lisa Hillary would be used to seeing rats everywhere. Judging by her reaction to seeing one of the four-legged variety, apparently not.

Hillary was broadcasting from the Verizon Center after a game between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins when a rat ran right past…

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Donald Brashear Hits Blair Betts: Video

During today’s 5-3 win by the Washington Capitals over the New York Rangers, Donald Brashear of the Caps laid out Blair Betts with a vicious hit.

Brashear’s job is to rile up opponents, and he certainly achieved his goal with that hit on Betts. He was called for a 2 minute minor, but…

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Alexander Ovechkin Sings The Eastern Motors Jingle: Video

Local commercials are great, and there are no greater ads than those from Eastern Motors.

Eastern Motors is a Washington, D.C. institution & so is Alexander Ovechkin. So it’s only natural that the two would finally join forces to bring us this video. The advertisement is everything we could hope for…

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Video: Alexander Ovechkin Goal Vs. Montreal Canadiens

Once again, the Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin showed just how awesome he is last night.

Watch as he steals the puck, then goes flying down the ice for a partial breakaway. Ovechkin gets hauled down, but still manages to find the net while sliding on his ass. Absolutely brilliant, indeed.

The shot was reminiscent of…

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