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Soccer Player Starts Match With Shorts On Inside-Out: Video

We’ve all put an item of clothing on inside-out at some point. We feel dumb, we fix the clothes, we move on. But what do you do if you notice your shorts are on inside-out while you’re standing right in the center of a soccer field waiting to kick off a matches as thousands…

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Flavia Zoccari’s Swimsuit Tears, Exposing Her Butt To Fans At Mediterranean Games


Those fancy new swimsuits that are helping swimmers smash world records also have an unfortunate side effect: Since they are thin and form-fitting, they can also tear easily.

Italian Olympic swimmer Flavia Zoccari found that out the hard way at the Mediterranean Games. The ass of Zoccari’s £318 Jaked J01 swimsuit tore, exposing her rear end and…

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Peterborough’s Aaron McLean Loses His Shorts During Soccer Match

During Peterborough’s match against Millwall, Peterborough striker Aaron McLean’s shorts fell down. Millwall’s Scott Barron couldn’t help but sneak a peak as he walked by.

And no, it’s not clear why McLean was just standing there with his shorts down instead of just pulling them up, but Scott Barron apparently doesn’t mind.

Hard Tackle: Millwall’s