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Ballboy tosses ball just beyond reach of Jens Lehmann: Video

Things are not going well for Stuttgart this season, and it has gotten to the point where they’re even getting beaten by ballboys on the field.

Down 1-0 to Hannover, Jens Lehmann hoped to get a quick restart to the match and ran over to the ballboy to get the ball. The cheeky little bastard didn’t cooperate though, and instead tossed the ball just over Lehmann’s fingertips…

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Video: Don’t Mess With Jens Lehmann If You Expect To Keep Your Accessories

German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is making quite the name for himself in the field of accessory tossing.

In the past week, he has been in 2 incidents where he has thrown something that belonged to another player.

This weekend, during a 3-3 draw between Stuttgart and TSG Hoffenheim, Lehmann tossed the shoe…

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Video: Soccer Player Hits Teammate In the Balls During Goal Celebration

“Congratulations on that fine goal, good sir, let me punch you in the balls!”

Over in Germany, VfB Stuttgart got thumped by Bayern Munich 5-1 in their German Cup matchup. Adding injury to insult was one of Sttugart’s players during the celebration for their only goal.

Mario Gomez scored the goal after Stuttgart fell behind…

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Off the Woodwork: DaMarcus Fights Racism, Germans Fight Pubic Hair

Welcome back to another edition of Off the Woodwork! We start things off with video highlights from Aston Villa & Liverpool. Really, the last 30 seconds of the video are the part worth watching. Steven Gerrard of Liverpool bends an incredible free kick into the back of the net in the 87th minute to give…

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