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Golfer Makes $1 Million Hole-In-One At The Mark Eaton Celebrity Classic: Video

What’s better than getting a hole-in-one? Hitting one and making $1 million in the process.

What’s better than getting $1 million for hitting a hole-in-one? Doing so and having Mark Eaton involved somehow.

Jason Hargett is a million dollars richer after getting this hole-in-one at the Mark Eaton Celebrity Golf Classic in…

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Bad Speller Threatened To Blow Up The 1997 NBA Finals

The FBI has released a file on the late Larry Miller, former owner of the Utah Jazz. Included in this file was the revelation that a deranged man threatened to blow up the Delta Center during the 1997 NBA Finals between the Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls.

A letter sent to Miller said, “If you don’t want the Delta Center to to look like the Oklahoma Fedral [sic] Building,”…

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Daily Rubbish: April 17, 2009

Video of the Day: Lost Theme Song (If It Had Been From The 80s) (via Jay Busbee)

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Cheerleaders go…

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Daily Rubbish: March 26, 2009

Video of the Day: Cool R.C. Car Flip

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Volleyball Fainter Is Fine