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Ron Artest’s Tribute To Michael Jackson: Video (NSFW)

With Michael Jackson’s memorial service being held tomorrow, the flood of tributes is only just beginning.

Ron Artest made his own heartfelt contribution to the genre, recording this profanity-laced song called “Michael Michael” (language obviously not safe for work). It’s touching, but feel free to make your own judgment on the music, which…

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Keith Olbermann Pays Tribute To His Mom, Marie Olbermann: Video

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann’s mother, Marie Olbermann, passed away this weekend after a short bout with cancer, and he paid tribute to her on his show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight.

The tribute focused on Marie’s most memorable moment, the one you probably know her from.

Marie of course became famous after getting nailed by an errant throw from Chuck Knoblauch, one of the many…

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Tommy Lasorda Celebrates 80 Motherf-ing Years

Today Tommy Lasorda celebrates 80 years on this planet.

While the Dodgers celebrated the octogenarian last week, we’re going to honor Lasorda in a slightly different way with some of his great comedy…

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