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Paul Gascoigne Headbutts A Bouncer At A Snooker Club: Video

Paul Gascoigne’s post-playing career has been fraught with negative incidents. The latest encounter occurred this month after Gazza was caught smoking at a snooker club called the Spot White in Newcastle. The bouncer, Paul Hindle, who had already stopped Gascoigne from smoking once, had had enough and ejected the former soccer star.


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Video: Soccer Ball Boy Does His Job A Little Bit Too Well

Many pro sports have kids along the sidelines helping out, collecting stray equipment and making sure that a ball is ready to be put into play whenever it is needed. Usually these kids are very polite, acting neutral toward both teams. Key word: usually.

Just guess which team this cheeky little rapscallion is cheering…

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Video: Dancing with the Stars? Not nearly as entertaining as Dodging Punches with Frank Lampard

Following last night’s 2-1 win over Tottenham, Chelsea’s Frank Lampard had to take on another challenge.

Watch above as a Spurs fan runs on to the pitch and takes a swing at Lampard. Lampard ducks the punch, but his teammates and security then pile on, and after a brief battle the man is taken away.

Judging by the quality of the punch thrown, and the stupidity of the act, I’d…

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