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Bears: The #1 threat to the Olympic torch relay

polar-bear-torch-relayThe torch for the 2010 Winter Olympics is on its long journey to Vancouver, provided the torch-bearers don’t get eaten by a polar bear along the way.

On Sunday, the torch passed through Churchill, Manitoba, home of 923 people and tons of polar bears. So many polar bears, in fact, that the town bills itself as the “Polar Bear…

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Man Attacks Special Olympics Torch Relay

special-olympics-torchSorry to all of you assholes who plan on doing assholish things this year, the Biggest Asshole Of The Year 2009 contest has been wrapped up.

This year’s winner is 41-year-old David Schwartz. Schwartz got a bit angry while in traffic in Valencia, California. That part might be a bit understandable. What is not understandable is his response…

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Photos from Yesterday’s Olympic Non-Torch Non-Relay in San Francisco

Yesterday’s Olympic torch relay through San Francisco was a disappointment for nearly everyone who attended, though that didn’t stop me from getting some photos of everything going on. 

Protesters, who were there to champion such causes as Darfur, Tibet and the Golden State Warriors (seriously, there was a guy with a “Go…

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China’s Hairiest Man Wants to Participate in Olympic Torch Relay

Chinese wookie, rock singer and self-proclaimed “King Kong” Yu Zhenhuan has launched a campaign to be chosen as one of the runners in the torch relay for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Zenhuan is 96% covered in hair. One can only assume that he is the singer in a hair metal band…

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