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Minor league hockey coach goes nuts, throws sticks on the ice: Video

There are few cases where moving from a GM role into a coaching role has worked out. For more evidence, look no further than Brent Sapergia of the Louisiana IceGators. Sapergia temporarily took over coaching duties of the team and ended up being indefinitely banned from coaching after an epic tirade that featured him…

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Crazy Manager Tirade – Randy Ingle Of The Rome Braves: Video

What is it with putting on a Braves uniform that makes a manager go crazy? Atlanta Braves skipper Bobby Cox has the all-time record for ejections. Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman is well-known for his grenade-tossing tirade from a couple of years ago. Now you can add Rome Braves manager Randy Ingle to that list…

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George Brett Goes On Profanity-Laced Tirade At Charity Golf Tournament: Video

George Brett will give you his honest opinion on the media and managers. You don’t like that? Fuck you, and fuck them too.

A Kansas City television station interviewed George Brett during the Joe McGuff ALS Golf Classic golf tournament, and what resulted was an f-bomb laden tirade on the local media. Charity…

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Providence Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask Loses Shootout, His Mind: Video

Some minor league hockey players will toil for years in obscurity with hardly anyone knowing their name. But then there are others, like this goalie, who will manage to get everyone to know who they are.

Tommy Lasorda Celebrates 80 Motherf-ing Years

Today Tommy Lasorda celebrates 80 years on this planet.

While the Dodgers celebrated the octogenarian last week, we’re going to honor Lasorda in a slightly different way with some of his great comedy…

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