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Jim Nantz on Tiger Woods: Somehow managed a 69 out of all of this (video)

For 72 holes, Jim Nantz and the other CBS commentators successfully managed to tiptoe around Tiger Woods’ sex issues. The final wrap-up, now that’s a different matter. As the Masters came to a close just now, Jim Nantz had this to say about Tiger Woods’ final round 69.

“Somehow managed a 69 out…

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SNL Tiger Woods at The Masters (video)

Last night’s episode of SNL was hosted by Tina Fey (that dress during the monologue… yes!). The show started off strongly with an early CBS golf sketch featuring Jason Sudeikis as Jim Nantz, Bill Hader as Nick Faldo, and Tina Fey as Tiger Woods expert Ashlyn St. Cloud.

Watch the Masters video from Saturday Night Live below:

Tiger Woods swears – “Tiger Woods, You Suck” (video)

Tiger Woods is human. He hits bad shots & he swears. Unlike the rest of us though, he has CBS microphones on him that are eager to pick up his every word like they are waitresses at a diner.

During today’s round at the Masters 2010, Tiger hit a bad shot on the 6th hole, leading to a bogey. After he unleashed his shot, Tiger then released a

Tiger Woods Farts His Way To Yet Another Win

When you’re Tiger Woods, you can do pretty much anything on the course and get away with it, even fart.

During the final round of today’s Buick Open, Tiger let his rear end roar on the last hole. Between the sound and his need to lift his leg during the fart, it must…

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Anthony Kim Drive Nails A Spectator In The Butt: Video

“Hey, what’s everybody looking at? Why am I facing the opposite direction of everyone else?”


Anthony Kim was probably none-too-happy after his tee shot on the 18th hole of the AT&T National nailed a spectator in the rear end. How much did Tiger Woods pay that guy to stand there like…

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