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Daily Rubbish – March 10, 2009

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The Office: The Musical [The Observation Bubble]

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Big Names, Not Game [The League - Dan Levy - Washington Post]

Is T.O. Among The Top 5 WR’s in the NFL? [The World According To Moondog]

Bo Jackson Knows that Bo

Charity Events Make Ashley Cole Drunk And Angry


There’s nothing like fundraising and promoting awareness for the less fortunate to make someone really appreciate how lucky they are. No, not lucky… what’s the word… ah yes, angry.

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole showed off his anger last night following a charity event in London. The event was held by Chelsea Football Club at The Armani Store in…

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Daily Rubbish: Fly, Fitz, Fly

A Larry Fitzgerald action figure predicted his touchdown dive against the Carolina Panthers last week. The action figure of the Cardinals hypothetically winning the Super Bowl is just a man laughing.

And yes, Bill Simmons needs to stop whining. How long before the Sports Gal leaves him because of his gambling debt?

Always looking to screw up a good thing, the NHL is considering

Goodbye, Fire Joe Morgan

An otherwise decent Friday brought some sad news to the online sports community. One of my favorite blogs, Fire Joe Morgan, is no longer.

Fire Joe Morgan was a perfect place for both stats and humor, turning skewering the media (especially Joe Morgan, of course) into the true national pasttime. When they finally came out of the blogging closet, it turned out that they are comedy writers…

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Video: Dwight Schrute Will Bring You the Women’s World Cup Whether You Like it or Not

Possibly even more obscure than the Rugby World Cup, the Women’s World Cup (Soccer) is under way.

At 4:55am Eastern on ESPN2, a time when only insomniacs and those mourning yet another heartbreaking Arizona Cardinals loss will be awake, the U.S. Women’s National Team will be taking on North Korea. Hey, if we can’t…

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