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Goalie Shows Displeasure With Teammate By Pulling His Hair: Video

Franco Costanzo (played by Jerry Stiller) might have a bit of an anger problem. In full view of the television cameras at the end of a match against FC Zurich, the Argentinian goalkeeper for Basel was unhappy with teammate Beg Ferati and verbally admonished him.

Ferati then pushed Costanzo, who amazingly for an…

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Romanian Soccer Coach Beats Up One Of His Players: Video

Soccer in Romania is crazy. We’ve covered the reporter getting hit with the ball, the referee pulling a gun on some fans, and the referee crapping himself.

Now, here’s a coach who was unhappy with one of his players getting involved in a scrap during a match. The manager pulled…

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Video: Aussie Rules Football Teammates Fight Each Other

It takes some courage to play Australian Rules Football, and that’s before you even take the field in a real match.

During a recent practice for their team, Carlton Blues, Setanta O’hAilpin and Cameron Cloke got into a fight. Technically, it’s a fight, but it really ends up being more of a beating, as O’hAilpin clearly…

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Video: Stoke’s Ricardo Fuller Slaps Stoke Captain Andy Griffin

Over in England, Stoke players seem to be getting along about as well as the Dallas Cowboys do.

Following a goal by West Ham, Stoke player Ricardo Fuller decided he was going to have a word with Andy Griffin, the man who had conceded the goal.

Fuller then proceeded to slap Griffin, who is the Stoke…

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Lou Piniella to give Michael Barrett more time off so he can devote himself to starting underground fight club

Lou Pinella is giving Michael Barrett more time off, but he claims it has nothing to do with Barrett’s recent altercations with his pitchers.

A slightly altered exchange, courtesy of

Lou: I’m f—ing Lou. Who the f— are you?

Lou: [Lou hits Michael in the face] Do you hear me now?
Michael: No I didn’t quite catch that…

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