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Phillies fan runs on field, gets tased (video)

Oh, Philadelphia, thank you for never ceasing to supply us with more fans to mock.

This guy ran on to the field during tonight’s game between the Phillies and Cardinals. Normally, security guards just chase people down and tackle them, but apparently the personnel at Citizens Bank Park have instructions to use heavier force.

Instead of tackling the…

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Fan Gets Tased At Oakland A’s Game: Video

Crowds at Oakland A’s games this season have been quiet. However, stadium officials may have found a way to get the crowd to make some noise: just tase one of them.

The incident occurred during the 7th inning of last night’s game between the Athletics and the Texas Rangers. The video shows an…

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Scott Olsen, come on down! You’re the next contestant on "Who wants to fight and get tasered by the Miami PD?"

Miami-based athletes are not content to let Phoenix have this year’s crown for “most police incidents by professional athletes”.

Earlier this year, Miami Dolphins lineman Frederick Evans fought with police and ended up being tasered after throwing up in the back of a taxi.

This morning, it was…

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Miami Dolphins lineman Frederick Evans is going to have a tough time getting taxis from now on

It’s not often someone manages to make Tank Johnson look good.

Frederick Evans of the Miami Dolphins did just that, however, early Saturday morning in Miami Beach.

Here’s the rundown, courtesy of the Miami Police Department & the Miami Herald:

  • Evans, smelling of alcohol, lays down in the

Cleveland Browns rookie Mike Mason refuses to leave strip club. He’s SHOCKED!

Cleveland Browns rookie receiver Mike Mason was shocked with a stun gun after struggling with two off-duty police officers who were trying to remove him from a strip club at closing time on Sunday.

According to the police, “Mason refused orders to put down his drink and leave, and when the officers tried to take the drink, he “apparently slapped one of the officers’ arms away” and the two…

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