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Daily Rubbish: May 21, 2009

Video of the Day: Twins Argue Over White Sox and Cubs: via Mouthpiece Sports

Today’s Links:

Cricketeer’s Ailing Jewels Will Keep Him Out International Tournament [Steady Burn]

Aqib Talib Hits Teammate With Helmet [Fanhouse]

Former NFL Player Eric Naposki Arrested for 1995 Murder […

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Lingerie Football Player Sues Ex-Boyfriend Over Nude Photos

One of these days, people will realize that if you let someone take nude photographs of you, said naked pictures will probably end up somewhere on the Internet. Until then, we’ll keep enjoying stories like this one from Tampa.

Melissa Berry, a player in the Lingerie…

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Vince Young Strains Entire Lineman

On Sunday, Vince Young left the Titans/Bucs game with an injury. The injury was described as follows on

Apparently, Vince strained an entire lineman and missed the rest of the game. Very useful information for those of us who may not have seen much NFL action this weekend. He should be…

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