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High School Swimming Coach Fired After Repeatedly Making Offensive T-Shirts For Swim Team

When you’re a high school swim coach, your time is probably best spent encouraging your swimmers, showing them how they can swim faster & improving their technique.

Kevin Quill, now former swim coach at Connecticut’s Seymour High School, also believed that making questionable t-shirts should be part of his job description…

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Utah State Aggies Change T-shirt Slogan

Utah State University students have been forced to change the slogan on the back of their 2008-9 Aggies basketball and football t-shirts after their original idea was deemed too offensive.

The offending slogan? “I’m Proud of My A.”

Clearly this is something that should not be allowed. Tiffany Evans, director of the campus Student Involvement and Leadership Center said,  “We don’t want anyone to say, ‘Um, I probably…

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