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Adult Entertainment Company To Compensate Fans Who Had Porn Interrupted By Super Bowl

Imagine this: you’re watching some porn, and just when things are about to start heating up, some silly football game comes on and all of a sudden you have Larry Fitzgerald on your screen.

Naturally, you might be pissed off. That’s why adult entertainment company Pink Visual is giving…

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Daily Rubbish: Guy With No Arms Is Better Swimmer Than You

Remember the Chinese swimmer with no legs who used a basketball to get around? Meet this swimmer with no arms. Michael Scott is getting angry.

Got 6 minutes to kill? Enjoy Gatorade’s The Quest For G, starring Kevin Garnett, Derek Jeter, and a ton of others.

Got 30 hours to kill? Why not make a thumbtack portrait of Cal Ripken, Jr?


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Welcome To The Super Bowl! Please Enjoy A Faceful Of Groin!

There were two video highlights that uh, stood out to Super Bowl viewers, and both of them envolved male groins.

During Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show (which rocked, by the way), watch as the surprisingly spry Springsteen slides across the stage just a bit too far, giving viewers a way-too-close up view of his…

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Daily Rubbish: Super Bowl Hangover

Apologies for no Daily Rubbish yesterday, I took a day off following that Super Bowl, which I will never speak of again following this post (and perhaps one other). I’ll let Will Leitch say my general feelings, since he did a better job of it than I would ever do. Though I would like to add, how can you not at least do a full review of that last…

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Super Bowl XLIII Thoughts From An Arizona Cardinals Fan

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m an Arizona Cardinals fan. I grew up in Arizona, so it happens.

In school, admitting you were a Cardinals fan was something you just did not do. Sure, people might talk about the Cards on Mondays and Fridays during the NFL season, but nobody would come…

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