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Bull takes down streaker at Running of the Bulls (video)

There are plenty of normal activities that suddenly become a lot more dangerous when you do them naked, such as cooking, ironing, and carpentry.

But what happens when you combine an already-dangerous activity like running around with bulls with nudity? Well, just watch the genius above.

The best thing about streaking and getting taken down by a bull is that your ability to reproduce is lost…

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Mets Fan Becomes First Streaker At Citi Field: Video

Citi Field was christened with its first streaker tonight, and those responsible documented the entire thing.

Unless this guy wears an orange banana hammock every day and always has “Let’s go Mets” painted on his back, this wasn’t a spontaneous streaking, as confirmed by the video intro.

The streaker jumped from the…

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Woman Streaker At Rugby Match On St. Patrick’s Day: Video (NSFW)

This video is from a rugby match on St. Patrick’s Day in England. There’s a slight bit of naked ass and thus it’s NSFW.

The details: This streaker is from the London Irish match at Madejski Stadium in Reading.

Egged on by the fans, this woman decided that the match needed to…

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Hockey Streaker Falls Down On The Ice A Lot, Scores Invisible Goal: Video (NSFW)

The video above has some naked male ass, so it’s NSFW unless you work in a place that has a lot of naked male ass around.

Many people spent St. Patrick’s Day falling down

Daily Rubbish: The Rollercoaster Ride Of Your Life

If you eat the 2 foot long, 6 pound burrito at the NASCAR Cafe, you get a free rollercoaster ride. By rollercoaster, I assume they mean toilet.

In a candid interview, a former Arena Football player gives his thoughts on the AFL suspending play and what it means for players affected.

There are a few key streakers missing, but otherwise this list of 25