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Stephon Marbury Gets Into Car Accident While On Live Video

While I was away, Stephon Marbury apparently decided to start broadcasting his life over the Internet 24/7. I don’t know the details, nor do I really care. All I know is that Stephon Marbury is a dumbass, and judging by this video from him sitting in the backseat of a car that was involved…

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Daily Rubbish: Free Marbury? Actually, Really Expensive Marbury

At work today? Check out how much Stephon Marbury made this year to do absolutely nothing & then get incredibly depressed.

They don’t spell so good in Mississippi. Nor do they spell so good in Mississppi.

The sheriff from the Michael Phelps pot case is still in the limelight. Looks like someone wants to be the next Joe Arpaio..

Even though…

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Daily Rubbish: Eye, Eye, Eye… What A Season For Suns Fans

Suns fans are taking Amare Stoudemire’s eye injury well

Ron Artest kindly requests that you get your bitch fixed.

Stephon Marbury could have a career in sketch comedy. Well, at least until he refuses to do anything for his director.

What’s going on in the next batter’s head after the guy before him gets plunked?

When you’re coming back from injury…

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Daily Rubbish: First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Daily Rubbish! If this goes according to plan, each weekday will see a quick rundown of some of the top stories out there. If it doesn’t, we’ll never speak of it again.