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Jesse McCartney Forgets The Words To The National Anthem At NASCAR Race: Video

Does Jesse McCartney hate America? Why else would he leave out part of the National Anthem (and at a NASCAR race no less, America’s greatest bastion of fervored patriotism)?

The singer performed the Star Spangled Banner prior to yesterday’s Pepsi 500 NASCAR race in California, but gave the fans an edited version of…

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Miss America 2009 Katie Stam Sings The National Anthem Badly At Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day: Video

If your eardrums shatter while listening to this horrible rendition of the National Anthem, Sports Rubbish is in no way responsible.

If your dog starts running around the room howling during this video, Sports Rubbish is in no way responsible.

With those warnings out of the way, we bring you Miss America…

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Star Mangled Banner: The Worst National Anthem Renditions Ever

As anyone who is happy to have a four-day work week knows, Friday is Independence Day. On this Fourth of July, we’ll take a moment to reflect – reflect upon how awful some attempts at singing the National Anthem have been. What’s more American than subjecting people to public ridicule and shame?

It’s not…

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