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West Ham Player Calum Davenport Stabbed

calumdavenportWest Ham’s Calum Davenport was the victim of a vicious stabbing attack over the weekend that has left his career in jeopardy.

The stabbing appears to have stemmed from a family squabble involving his pregnant sister’s boyfriend.

Davenport allegedly criticized some of the people his sister was hanging out with. They returned later, stabbing both him and his…

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Ron Artest Vs. Kobe Bryant – Elbows & Table Legs Galore: Video

Earlier we posted about the battle that was the Houston Rockets vs. the Los Angeles Lakers last night, focusing on the Derek Fisher hit on Luis Scola.

Kobe Bryant & Ron Artest also went at it during the game. Kobe threw an elbow at Ron Artest and of course received no punishment…

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Daily Rubbish: April 3, 2009

Video of the Day: Norm MacDonald hosts the 1998 ESPYs

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How America is Ruining Soccer [The Spoiler]

Your Big Man’s NCAA Tournament Victory Sandwich [Steady Burn]

The Hottest Girls of the Final Four [Gunaxin]

Steve Stone Should Have Been Juan…

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Romanian Handball Player Stabbed To Death, 2 Other Players Hurt In Attack

In shocking news, handball is a sport that is apparently played outside of the Olympics. Even more shocking, it’s taken very seriously. In fact, it’s a matter of life or death for some.

One of the Romanian stars of the sport, Marian Cozma, was killed in the attack outside a nightclub in Hungary over the weekend…

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Scottish Boxer Kills His Dad Because He Thought The Man Was Dracula

This is Dracula:

This is a Dad:

Notice how they are nothing alike.

Former Scottish amateur boxing champion Anil Kumar got the two confused, and killed his stepfather because he thought the guy was Dracula.…

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