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Heroic Milwaukee Brewers Fan Saves Girl In Bikini From Getting Hit By Home Run Ball: Video

When searching for the perfect sunbathing location, most people would take into account the likelihood of getting hit by a hard object while laying in that location. Thus, the grass beyond the outfield fence at a baseball park might not be a great choice.

During yesterday’s Spring Training matchup between the Milwaukee Brewers…

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Herb Deshaies Just Wants To Kiss You: Video

Herb Deshaies, father of Astros’ announcer Jim Deshaies, was interviewed yesterday during a Spring Training game between the Houston Astros and New York Mets.

These interviews are great time-fillers during Spring Training. However, the woman interviewing him surely didn’t expect him to pull a Joe Namath. Unlike Joe Namath though, Herb Deshaies managed…

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Micah Hoffpauir Grabs Carlos Zambrano’s Groin During A Spring Training Game : Video

Spring Training is a time to work out all the kinks. Got a new pitch? Time to try it out. Want to change your batting stance? Get in a few swings. That said, this new method of tagging or celebrating with a teammate is probably not going to catch on.

During today’s game between…

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Daily Rubbish: Free Marbury? Actually, Really Expensive Marbury

At work today? Check out how much Stephon Marbury made this year to do absolutely nothing & then get incredibly depressed.

They don’t spell so good in Mississippi. Nor do they spell so good in Mississppi.

The sheriff from the Michael Phelps pot case is still in the limelight. Looks like someone wants to be the next Joe Arpaio..

Even though…

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No, David Dellucci Did Not Get Bitten By An Alligator

David Dellucci of the Cleveland Indians will miss the start of Spring Training after cutting his left thumb, an injury that required stitches.

How did Dellucci hurt his thumb? Well, here’s his first recounting of the story to reporters.

“Right before I came here on Feb. 1,” Dellucci said dejectedly, “I…

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