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Nationals Ball Girl Botches Fair Ball, Goes On YouTube: Video

Not only can the Washington Nationals themselves not play baseball properly (winning streak aside – seriously, what the hell?), their ball girls can’t do much better.

This ball girl went to snag what she thought was a foul ball, but it skipped past her as she fell over. To top it all off…

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Sportscenter’s Chris McKendry Can’t Stop Laughing While Talking About Corie Blount: Video

Corie Blount was sentenced to a year in jail after 11 pounds of weed was intercepted on the way to his grandmother’s house, which he owns, with another 18 pounds nearby.

During this morning’s Sportscenter, Chris McKendry struggled to make her way through the story, stopping several times to giggle. Sure, it’s a…

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Sportscenter on Scrubs: Video

While Scrubs was pretty bad the last couple of seasons on NBC, the show has been much better now that it is on ABC. Of course, that means we now have to put up with a bit of that good old fashioned Disney synergy.

Tonight’s episode of Scrubs featured several mentions of Sportscenter, including…

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