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Owen Schmitt Beats Himself Up With His Helmet: Video


Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt is also known as the Beer Truck. After his incident during today’s pregame warmups against the Jacksonville Jaguars, his insurance premiums are going to be skyrocketing.

As Schmitt ran on the field, he pounded his helmet against his head. Despite the thickness of said head, he was still left with a bloody…

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Dumb Smuggler Gets Caught With Cocaine In Golf Clubs

cocaine-golf-clubHere’s a tip for all you drug smugglers out there. If you’re going to try and bring cocaine through customs by concealing it in sporting equipment, you might want to know something about the sport.

Kayti Ella Dryer went on holiday from England to Jamaica, and when she returned, she decided to bring home a kilo of coke hidden…

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Now The Washington Nationals Can’t Get Player Names Spelled Correctly On Bats

jordan-zimmerman-bat-autographIt’s been a whole day since we last made fun of the Washington Nationals. That’s a situation that needs to be rectified.

Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann was excited to receive his first bats. Until he noticed that they left off the 2nd “N” in his last name, which he then had to add himself. This one can be blamed…

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Jakub Voracek Plays With Two Sticks For The Columbus Blue Jackets Vs. The Detroit Red Wings: Video

Please excuse the Columbus Blue Jackets. They have never been in the playoffs before, so they don’t know about how playoff rules work. For instance, nobody told them that it’s against the rules to play with two sticks.

During the Blue Jackets game against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday, the Jackets’ Jakub…

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Boston Bruins Fan Grabs Alexei Kovalev’s Stick: Video

Last night wasn’t a good night for Alexei Kovalev and the Montreal Canadiens.

First off, they lost to the Boston Bruins 4-2. Then, as the two teams scrapped following Phil Kessel’s empty-net goal to seal the win, Kovalev’s stick ended up going through one of the photographer holes in the glass.


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