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Video: Soccer Fans Pelt Goalkeeper With Snowballs – Atletico

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain, but the snow apparently falls on Spanish goalkeepers.

A match between Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao had to be stopped for a time as opposing fans pelted Bilbao’s goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz with snowballs.

Referee Cesar Muniz Fernandez said:
Before the start of the game, and…

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More Racism From Spain – Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos In Blackface

Over the past year, Spain has become well-known for their lack of racial tolerance in the sporting world. First, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton was greeted by fans in blackface during pre-season testing in Spain. Then, there was the incident where the Spanish basketball team posted for these photographs before the Olympics in China…

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Daily Rubbish: The NBA… Where DUIs Happen

Another day, another NBA DUI, this time by Antoine Walker. Not content to let Walker get all the press, Jason Richardson got one of his own. No word on if either were seeking oral sex.

19 players were sent off in one Spanish soccer match. Sadly, no video of a referee holding the card up 19 times.

Kurt Warner should stick to being an NFL…

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Video: Miroslav Klose Gets Kicked In the Balls Euro 2008 Final Highlights

Here’s one more clip from the Euro 2008 Final between Spain & Germany. Watch as Germany’s Miroslav Klose gets a new understanding of why they call it football.

The always entertaining Andy Gray didn’t seem too impressed though, saying he "just…

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