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Chinese Soccer Match Features Weird Slap Fight: Video

The Chinese Super League has a long way to go to catch up to the top soccer leagues in the world, both in quality of play and quality of fights.

Beijing Guoan and Dalian Shide faced off recently, with tempers flaring between Dalian’s Jonathan Vergara and Beijing’s Yang Hao. With Hao on the…

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Brawl Between Rio Branco And Sao Mateus In Espirito Santo State Championship In Brazil: Video

Another day, another great brawl from Brazil. As usual, the Brazilians have not disappointed, showing us new ways to antagonize the opponent and get a good fight started.

This brawl is from the Espirito Santo state championship between Rio Branco and Sao Mateus.

The fighting started with Rio Branco up 1-0 in…

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Romanian Soccer Coach Beats Up One Of His Players: Video

Soccer in Romania is crazy. We’ve covered the reporter getting hit with the ball, the referee pulling a gun on some fans, and the referee crapping himself.

Now, here’s a coach who was unhappy with one of his players getting involved in a scrap during a match. The manager pulled…

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Brawl in Turkey Between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce: Video

Tensions between Turkish sides Galatasaray and Fenerbahce always run hot, but this weekend’s clash between the two teams saw the two teams brawl, which then started a riot in the stands. This fight manages to incorporate every single cliche about soccer players being wimps.

It all started when Fenerbahce’s Diego Lugano headbutted Galatasaray’s…

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Video: Soccer Brawl Between Brazilian Teams Brasil and Ulbra After Goal Celebration Is Seen To Be Mocking Dead Player

What a better way to kick off the soccer season in Brazil than with a fight?

During a match between Brasil and Ulbra in the Rio Grande do Sul championship, a brawl broke out following a goal celebration.

Rogerio Pereira scored the goal to put Ulbra up 5-2 and wisely went to…

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