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Boston Red Sox Fan Drinks Beer Through Sock And Shoe

Cold-filtered beer might be popular in some circles, but sock-filtered, not so much. Then again, given the sort of beers that usually advertise themselves as “cold-filtered”, perhaps they would taste better out of a sock and sneaker like this Red Sox fan drank from.

The guy apparently lost a bet, the penalty of…

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Photos Of Los Angeles Lakers Fans Rioting & Celebrating In The Streets After NBA Championship Win

lakers-fans-with-riot-policeKobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic tonight to win the 2009 NBA Championship and you know what that means: Riots in the streets of Los Angeles!

Fans flooded the streets of L.A. after the game. Outside the Staples Center, people were seen destroying ad stands, attacking police cars and buses, and rolling over other…

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Larry Fitzgerald Races A Blogger For His Camera And Shoes: Video

Among the dumbest things in the world, challenging one of the NFL’s best wide receivers to a footrace must be near the top of the list.

Not only did this blogger race Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals once, he then challenged him to a re-match after he got his ass kicked. The…

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Daily Rubbish: Where Punching A Horse Happens

Mad that your team lost? Why not punch a horse?

If only these batter entrance songs were real. My contribution: Belle & Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher for the retired Mike Piazza.

Take a trip back in time with the top 10 basketball sneakers of all time.

Where has all the money gone? Where have all the fans gone?…

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