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Four Teens Charged With Sexually Assaulting Flag Football Teammate

diemonte-robertslee-myersA 13-year-old Florida boy was tormented by bullies on his flag football team for months, but he was too afraid to come forward for a long time.

The coach of the Walker Middle School flag football team noticed something was wrong when the boy acted strangely towards some teammates…

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Meet The Newest Excuse For Not Being Able To Control Your Players: The Salary Cap

Listen up, American sports executives. Your Australian rugby counterparts have come up with a new excuse for not being able to control their players: the salary cap.

Blaming the salary cap was the idea of a couple of front offices in the…

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Daily Rubbish: Volquez Has A Gun

Another athlete with a gun. At least Edinson Volquez didn’t shoot himself.

Joe Posnanski introduces his Hall of Fame Jr. Dan Plesac still nowhere to be found.

Add Jeff Pearlman to the long list of people who don’t like ESPN.

The GM of the Saskachewan Roughriders is accused of roughriding with a 16-year-old girl.

Why the Mighty Ducks