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Want to buy 5,000 leftover 2008 Beijing Olympics condoms? Look no further!

olympic-condomsThe words “leftover” and “condoms” are not typically combined to start a sales stampede, but one Chinese collector of Olympic memorabilia is hoping he will be able to unload his 5,000 condoms from the 2008 Olympics at an auction.

100,000 condoms were distributed during the games, with this guy somehow ending up with 5% of them. His wildly optimistic…

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New Zealand Olympic Committee Threatens To Sue Brothel-Owning Taekwondo Star

logan-campbell-brothelA couple of months ago, we brought you the story of Logan Campbell, the New Zealand taekwondo star who opened up a brothel to raise funds for his 2012 Olympic bid.

Now that the story had completely died down and Campbell was out of the spotlight, the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has finally weighed in on…

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New Zealand Taekwondo Star Opens Brothel To Fund 2012 Olympics Effort

Beijing Olympics Taekwondo Mens 68Kg

A lot of athletes try to get money for their Olympic training by saying “Just Do It.”

But instead of getting sponsored by Nike, New Zealand’s Logan Campbell is raising money for his bid to make the taekwondo competition in the 2012 Olympics by opening up a brothel in…

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Rich Eisen Gets His Twitter Hacked

Followers of Rich Eisen got a little surprise message from the NFL Network anchor yesterday.


Rich Eisen was apparently not so horny, he’d just had his Twitter account hacked.

He has since changed his password, so if he says he is so horny again, we’ll know it’s actually him.

Rich Eisen Twitter Page

Colombian Mascot Suspended For Humping: Video

Mascots are typically created to entertain children. That’s why it’s extra entertaining when they do stupid things like get a DUI or in the case of Willie, the mascot for Colombian soccer team Junior Tiburon, maniacally hump the opposing team’s jersey during a match against Cucuta Deportivo.

For some reason, the Junior Tiburon…

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