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Today in dogs and baseball (videos)

If I know one thing about dogs, it’s that they love licking their own asses chasing things. The advent of HD has made this somewhat dangerous for dogs.

Nice catch, Mr. Sweatpants. WHO’S A GOOD BOY? WHO’S A GOOD BOY?

Speaking of nice catches, this guy made the catch of the year by snagging a baseball in his beer cup, then heroically downing the rest of…

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Daily Rubbish: June 29, 2009

Video of the Day: RIP Billy Mays (1958-2009)

Today’s Links:

Top 10 Sports Movies That Make Men Cry, Video [NESW Sports]

Ocho Cinco Spars With “Real_Ron_Artest” [Style Points]

Steve Lyons Adds Anti-Intellectualism To His Resume [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

Football manager quits via…

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Daily Rubbish: June 3, 2009

Video of the Day: Homeless Man Craps On Train, Makes Local News In Phoenix

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The 15 Greatest Sports Cheats Of All Time [Soccer Lens]

How To Be Successful As A Start-Up Sportsblogger [Fansided]

ESPN’s Lee Corso chases down ref in USFL thriller [The Zone Blitz]…

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