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More On The Charles Barkley DUI Saga: Tattoos & Blow Job Edition

Just when you thought the Charles Barkley DUI story couldn’t get any better, what with the Urkel drinking buddy and all, The Smoking Gun has just released the full report from the Gilbert Police Department.

Here are the highlights:

  • I asked if he had been drinking and he said “Yes, I have.” I asked

Charles Barkley Is A Dumbass, Gets Nailed for DUI After Partying With Urkel

Charles Barkley is one of my favorite sports personalities. Not only did I enjoy his time with the Phoenix Suns (screw you, John Paxson), but he’s also been entertaining in his post-basketball career.

That said, the man is a dumbass. Sure, he was tricked into saying a dumbass, but make no mistake, Charles Barkley is a…

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