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SNL Opening: Barack Obama Makes Some Tough Choices About Sports: Video

On the opening of last night’s edition of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen made some tough choices as Barack Obama.

As part of an SNL Presidental Address, Fred Armisen / Barack Obama outlined a plan to save some companies, while other companies would be forced to cease operations.


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Fifth Third Burger Is Most Disgusting Ballpark Food Ever, Sadly Does Not Come With Commemorative Tote Bag


Minor League teams always have to be creative to stand out, and the West Michigan Whitecaps will be taking away this year’s award for Most Creative Ballpark Food Item.

Creative, however, does not mean appetizing.

Meet the Fifth Third Burger, sponsored by the bank Fifth Third, whose stock rose 11.74% today. Wall Street apparently loves giant…

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Game Time With Dave And Greg – SNL : Video

Dwayne “Don’t Call Me The Rock” Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and while most of the episode was pretty bad (death to Ray Lamontagne), there was one sports-related sketch that was funny, in a bizarre way.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet “Game Time With Dave & Greg” AKA The best sports show in the galaxy…

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Daily Rubbish: Breakfast Of Stoners

SNL covered the Michael Phelps saga, as Seth Meyers brings up some very good points about Kellogg’s food line.

David West might have an MMA career after karate chopping Mike Miller on the back of the head. Needless to say, he got called for a flagrant foul and was ejected.

Remember when Sarah Palin got Manny Legace injured? Now she’s gotten him waived

Video: I Love The BCS Song – Will Forte on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update

On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, Will Forte sang a song he wrote about his passion for the Bowl Championship Series, called “I Love The BCS.” He pretty much summed up how most college football fans feel.

Here are the complete lyrics from SNL:

I love stepping in…

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