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Fans of Brazilian Soccer Team Fluminense Invade Team’s Practice, One Punches Player: Video

Fluminense fans are not happy with their team’s play as of late. Following two home losses to fellow Brazilian sides Corinthians and Santos, fans decided they’d had enough and visited the team during practice. Supporters chanted and swore at players throughout the training session, claiming the players were not trying their best and were…

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Corinthians Player Set On Fire During Paulista Trophy Celebration: Video

Fireworks plus streamers equals an unintended consequence at a Brazillian trophy celebration.

Ronaldo’s Corinthians team won this year’s Paulista Championship in Brazil, beating Santos. During the trophy presentation a group of players & team executives, including captain William, were lifted into the air as the fans cheered on. The platform was spouting fireworks…

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Fight Between Diego Souza Of Palmieras & Domingos Of Santos: Video

Another weekend, another crazy incident in Brazil.

During a match between Palmieras & Santos, defender Domingos of Santos entered the match as a substitute. He ran over to Palmeiras forward Diego Souza and began closely defending him. Souza and Domingos battled a bit, with Diego Souza being red-carded. For his part, Domingos flopped…

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