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Brawl During Russian Women’s Handball Championship: Video

A harsh hit in the Russian Women’s Handball Championship between Dynamo Volgograd and Zvezda (who has been pitching very well for the Arizona Diamondbacks) led to an ejection, which in turn led to a massive brawl.

Okay, brawl might be a bit strong of a word, but there was definitely a lot of…

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Russian Soccer Referee Gets Nailed In The Face By A Ball: Video

During a match between Amkar and Kuban in the Russian Premier-Liga, referee Almira Kayumov got a little bit too close to the action.

Following a stoppage, play restarted with a free kick, but the referee either wasn’t ready for play to begin or simply wasn’t paying attention. Whatever the case, he got smacked…

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Was Tommy Haas Poisioned by the Russians?

Back in September, German star Tommy Haas was forced to retire from his Davis Cup semifinal match against Mikhail Youzhny due to what he thought was stomach virus. The Russians went on to defeat Germany 3-2, to move on to the Davis Cup Final. A tough break for sure, but illness can happen.

However, as it turns out, there may be a more sinister detail to Haas’ retirement…

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Russian diving coach also likes to give free breast stroke lessons

(Since we’re all just waiting around for the Final Four and MLB, welcome to the most obscure news day ever … )

Vladimir Rulev, a coach with the Russian diving team, got a little too friendly with the locals while in Australia for a competition.

Vladimir reportedly squeezed the breast of a female security guard who was trying to escort…

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