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Parrot Cheers On Favorite Rugby Team

In addition to a large wheel of cheddar cheese, England will have another famous fan cheering them on in the Rugby World Cup final against South Africa on Saturday.

Parrot Severiano Ballesteros is a…

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Maturing Cheddar Cheese Pushes England to Rugby World Cup Victory

As the Rugby World Cup narrows down to the final few teams, the English team has a special supporter on its side: A maturing English cheddar cheese named Wedginald.

The folks at West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers…

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Video: Dwight Schrute Will Bring You the Women’s World Cup Whether You Like it or Not

Possibly even more obscure than the Rugby World Cup, the Women’s World Cup (Soccer) is under way.

At 4:55am Eastern on ESPN2, a time when only insomniacs and those mourning yet another heartbreaking Arizona Cardinals loss will be awake, the U.S. Women’s National Team will be taking on North Korea. Hey, if we can’t…

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Video: A Collection of Rugby Hits As the Rugby World Cup Gets Underway

As we wait for the NFL season to truly start in about an hour, another hard(er?) hitting sport is also just beginning a big event.

This weekend, the Rugby World Cup got underway in France. Yes, the United States is involved, and yes, we are expected to fare poorly. However, in the US team’s…

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