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Romanian Soccer Referee Craps Himself During Match: Video

Don’t watch the above video if you don’t want to watch a referee soil himself.

Last week, there was the Romanian referee who pulled out a gun. Today, it’s a linesman with dangerous weaponry of his own.

This third division referee from Romania just couldn’t hold it in any longer, and…

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Romanian Soccer Referee Pulls Gun On Fans: Video

Here’s more proof that we all need to watch out for referees these days.

Yesterday we brought you the story of the Australian Rules Football referee who punched a fan.

Today’s story is about an assistant Romanian soccer referee who had enough of people questioning a goal call.

The incident…

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Romanian Handball Player Stabbed To Death, 2 Other Players Hurt In Attack

In shocking news, handball is a sport that is apparently played outside of the Olympics. Even more shocking, it’s taken very seriously. In fact, it’s a matter of life or death for some.

One of the Romanian stars of the sport, Marian Cozma, was killed in the attack outside a nightclub in Hungary over the weekend…

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