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Huge Rugby Brawl In Romania: Video

CSU Arad and RCM Timisoara are two Romanian rugby teams, although you wouldn’t know it from this video of the two teams having a nice little brawl. They appear to be better suited for tag-team wrestling competitions or gang warfare.

RCM manager Danut Borzas said: “We received threats before the match. We have…

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Dinamo Bucuresti Fans Invade Pitch, Force Europa League Match Against Slovan Liberec To Be Abandoned: Video

Slovan Liberec visited Dinamo Bucuresti today and shocked the home crowd by scoring twice. Following Jan Blazek’s goal in the waning minutes, all hell broke lose in the stadium.

First, one fan ran around on the field. This happens all the time of course, but the lone security guard charged with chasing the…

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Romanian Soccer Fans Run On The Field, Riot: Video

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you’ve seen a lot of videos of people running around on the field interrupting play. You’ve also seen some good riot videos. To kick this week off, here’s a clip that has both.

The Romanian Cup final was recently played, with CFR Cluj beating Timisoara 3-0. In the closing…

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Romanian Soccer Coach Beats Up One Of His Players: Video

Soccer in Romania is crazy. We’ve covered the reporter getting hit with the ball, the referee pulling a gun on some fans, and the referee crapping himself.

Now, here’s a coach who was unhappy with one of his players getting involved in a scrap during a match. The manager pulled…

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Romanian Soccer Sideline Reporter Gets Hit In The Head With A Ball: Video

During coverage of a Romanian soccer match between Dinamo Bucaresti and , this reporter was on air giving her news when she got nailed in the side of her head with a soccer ball.

Even though she didn’t see that coming, she was a true professional & kept right on going.


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