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Video: The World’s Largest Bowling Alley In Japan

A lazy architect in Japan hit copy and paste a few too many times, and the end result was this: a very large bowling alley. The building houses 116 lanes in all, and is quite possibly the world’s largest bowling alley. Apparently, nobody keeps track of that, so it might be, or it might…

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Man Rows Across Pacific Ocean, Comes Up 65 Miles Short

If you completed just 99.35% of something, chances are you’d be pretty pissed off. Sure, you might try to tell yourself that you accomplished a lot, but ultimately 99.35% is not 100%.

Italian rower Alex Bellini is in this situation after having spent the last 10 months rowing across the Pacific Ocean, only to…

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Vintage Video Vault: Scott Skiles’ NBA Record 30 Assists in One Game

Out with the old and in with the new: with today’s firing of Chicago Bulls Coach Scott Skiles, we debut a new feature on the blog, the Vintage Video Vault. From time to time, we will be showing some random vintage sports clips, highlighting interesting moments from the past, both major and minor…

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Video: Antonio Cromartie Wants to Remind You That Adrian Peterson Wasn’t the Only One to Break an NFL Record Today

While Adrian Peterson was running all over the Chargers defense, Antonio Cromartie gave San Diego some hope at the end of the first half. The Vikings lined up for a 58 yard field goal attempt, which fell just short. Cromartie caught the ball just inches from the back of the end zone, turned…

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