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Paul Gascoigne Headbutts A Bouncer At A Snooker Club: Video

Paul Gascoigne’s post-playing career has been fraught with negative incidents. The latest encounter occurred this month after Gazza was caught smoking at a snooker club called the Spot White in Newcastle. The bouncer, Paul Hindle, who had already stopped Gascoigne from smoking once, had had enough and ejected the former soccer star.


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Video: Jean-Claude Darcheville Does Not Seem to Grasp the Purpose of Soccer

Earlier this week, Lyon traveled to Glasgow to face Rangers in a match that would determine which team would remain in this year’s Champions League.

With Rangers down 1-0, Jean-Claude Darcheville had a shot on goal. From about 2 yards away. With no goalkeeper in front of him. So what does he do? He…

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Welcome back to another edition of Off the Woodwork! We start things off with video highlights from Aston Villa & Liverpool. Really, the last 30 seconds of the video are the part worth watching. Steven Gerrard of Liverpool bends an incredible free kick into the back of the net in the 87th minute to give… Professional hydrochlorothiazide online

Gold Cup Final Thread – United States vs. Mexico – And you thought last time was unfriendly

Yes, we’ve used that video before, and no, I don’t care. You’ll undoubtedly see it again. There’s nothing better than “Welcome to the Jungle” and some highlights from previous meetings between the United States and Mexico to get you ready for today’s Gold Cup Final between the two teams.

This is the…

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