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Jose Offerman punches umpire (video)

Attack someone on the baseball field once and people might be able to pass it off as a fluke. Do it again, and everyone will peg you as a crazy bastard that should never be allowed near baseball (or other human beings) again.

Jose Offerman, who once charged the mound with a bat after getting hit by a pitch, showed some stellar anger management over the weekend when he…

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Mexican Soccer Fan Punches Woman In The Face: Video

The first rule of fighting is: Do not hit a woman.

The second rule of fighting is: DO NOT HIT A WOMAN.

Someone needs to tell this Mexican soccer fan these rules. In the middle of a match between Indios de Ciudad Juárez and Pachuca, he got into an argument with another…

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Mascot Punches Player During Norweigian Soccer Match: Video

You know you’re having a bad day at the office when you get punched by someone in a bee costume.

Garðar Jóhannson of Fredrikstad was walking back to his side after his team had surrendered a goal to Odd Grenland. What he didn’t count on was Odd Grenland’s mascot, a costumed bee, also…

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Soccer Coach Punches Referee: Video

Considering Easter is supposed to be a time of peace and friendliness and all that, this weekend was a violent one in sports. First, we had the brawl in Turkey between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. Then the benches cleared during the Angels/Red Sox game. Next up: this manager in Brazil who took out…

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Australian Rules Football: Where Even The Referees Will Hurt You

referee-punches-playerMost people know that Australian Rules Football is a violent sport.

But did you also know that the referees will also hurt you?

Following an under-18 age group preseason game between the University of Queensland Bulldogs and Kenmore Bears in Brisbane, Australia, a fan/parent named Phil Tagell got into an argument with the referee. The referee won the…

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