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Shades of Tyson vs. Secretariat as Newcastle United fan tries to fight police horse (video)

They were so drunk.

Following today’s match between Newcastle United and Sunderland, 29 people were arrested and four police officers were hurt as fans attempted to fight in Newcastle city center. Bottles were thrown at police, and garbage cans were set on fire. It was a typical English football riot, except for one detail.

One gentleman…

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Australian Race Fans Limited To Just One Case Of Beer Per Person Per Day


Fans heading to Australia’s Bathurst 1000 motor-racing festival are facing a strict regulation this year. They are being limited to just 24 cans of beer per person per day or 4 liters of wine.

Wait… 24 cans? Per day? Per person?

I know they drink a lot in Australia, but somehow it doesn’t seem like limiting…

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Were The Oakland Police Neutral When The 49ers Visited The Raiders?


You’d have to be insane to care about NFL preseason football. And you’d also have to be insane to want to attend an Oakland Raiders game as a visiting fan. Sure, their team is atrocious, but that doesn’t stop Raiders fans from violently defending their team. In fact, it probably makes them even more angry.

However, you…

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Fan Gets Tased At Oakland A’s Game: Video

Crowds at Oakland A’s games this season have been quiet. However, stadium officials may have found a way to get the crowd to make some noise: just tase one of them.

The incident occurred during the 7th inning of last night’s game between the Athletics and the Texas Rangers. The video shows an…

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Romanian Soccer Fans Run On The Field, Riot: Video

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you’ve seen a lot of videos of people running around on the field interrupting play. You’ve also seen some good riot videos. To kick this week off, here’s a clip that has both.

The Romanian Cup final was recently played, with CFR Cluj beating Timisoara 3-0. In the closing…

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