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Daniel Carcillo “Fights” Matt Bradley: Video

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the shortest fight in NHL history.

Daniel Carcillo of the Philadelphia Flyers managed to K.O. the Caps’ Matt Bradley with one punch following a cross-check. Bradley did drop his gloves, but Carcillo punched him about 2 milliseconds later and down he went.

The referees took pity on Bradley…

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Move Over, Sarah Palin, Queen Elizabeth II Is a Hockey Mom Too

Sarah Palin’s puck dropping escapades have made some news in the past couple of weeks. Mrs. Palin isn’t the only public figure dropping pucks, however.

Yes, that’s England’s Queen Elizabeth II dropping the puck at a hockey game in Slovakia. It is not known whether or not she was booed by Flyers fans.…

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Vintage Video Vault: Canucks & Flyers Fight Over Who Has the Ugliest Jerseys

This weekend, back in 1980, the Philadelphia Flyers set an NHL-record with their 35th straight game without a defeat. After losing 9-2 to the Atlanta Flames on October 13, 1979, the Flyers did not lose again until January 7, 1980.

Today’s trip to the Vintage Video Vault takes us to Canada for a game…

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Video: Patrice Bergeron Suffers Vicious Hit by Randy Jones, Leaves the Ice on a Stretcher

The list of dirty hits by the Philadelphia Flyers this season is growing. In today’s game against the Boston Bruins, Randy Jones hit Patrice Bergeron into the boards face-first. Bergeron was knocked unconscious and left the ice on a stretcher after paramedics cut his jersey and equipment from his upper body and secured him. Reports…

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