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Daily Rubbish: End Bush, Begin Obama, Begin Arizona Cardinals In The Super Bowl

As the term of George W. Bush ended and we saw Barack Obama’s begin, the sports world weighed in. Reggie Miller broke down Barack Obama’s basketball style, while a lot of bad stuff happened in the sports world while Bush was in office.

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC and earn a Super Bowl berth (more on this in forthcoming posts…

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New York Giants Fans Attack And Smash Cars On Video After Loss To Philadelphia Eagles

Following this weekend’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, some New York Giants fans took their frustrations out on a couple of burned-out cars (including a Porsche) in the Giants Stadium parking lot, kicking at them and smashing them.

Don’t question why there were burned-out cars just sitting nearby, it’s New Jersey. Also, don’t question…

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Daily Rubbish: Hell Has Frozen Over

It would figure that the season after I moved away from Arizona, the Cardinals would finally go on a playoff run. The Buzzsaw are now just one win away from the Super Bowl. I know those words separately, but together? Not so much.

Joining the Cardinals in the NFC Championship are the Philadelphia Eagles, who finally stopped phoning it in and started… phoning it in.


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Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Slaps His Wife During Win Over Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles 44-6 win over the Dallas Cowboys today made many people happy. Eagles fans & people who hate the Cowboys all rejoiced as what was supposed to be a close game with a playoff spot on the line turned into an easy romp for the Eagles.

But nobody was as happy as Eagles owner…

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New York Giants Biggest Fan Considering Switching Allegiance To Philadelphia Eagles

A couple of weeks ago, Sondra Fortunato, AKA Miss Football, the New York Giants’ biggest fan, was kicked out of a game at the Meadowlands because she was wearing a low-cut Santa dress (or because she had a sign and bags with her, according to Giants security). No matter that…

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